VGM Awesome 87: Amber

BOOMSMASHALAH! VGM Awesome: Amber edition hits back with a stern focus on what VGM Awesome built its foundations on: the music. Our prelude this time around belongs to Louis LeBlanc with 'Ty the Tasmanian Tiger'! You can choose the next VGM Awesome prelude track at

News anchor Rosalie brings us an update of all things gaming across the world in the Checkpoint.

Co-pres JonoD stitches together a brilliantly varied playlist with music from...

- FFVII: Advent Children
- Desert Strike
- Motocross Madness
- Sonic Adventure
- The Pink Panther Passport to Peril
- Fun House Pinball
- Wario Blast
- Spiderman VS The Kingpin
- Half-Life II
- Streets of Rage
- Halo

- a special inclusion of JonoD's 'WILDCARD', a track that perhaps deserves more recognition than what it's getting: this week's is just beautiful.

- Summer of Sonic 2013
- Auroch Digital/Bristol Games Hub
- JonoD's killer Sonic question...
- VV shames himself by clashing Sephiroth with chickens....

We #ruddy well welcome new & all disciples to VGM Awesome: video game radio & podcast.


VGM Awesome 86: Emerald

An Almighty return to VGM Awesome - it's been far too long and we've missed you! In this extended episode MattVV, JonoD, Rosalie & Crofty return with gaming talk, news & banter, including Crofty's review of indie title 'Kerbal Space Program' with this episodes Prelude being smashed by Chris Hewitt with some 'Turrican II'! You can choose the next VGM Awesome prelude track at

News topics:
-Summer of Sonic 2013
-Auroch Digital
-Ubisoft ruling VG movies
-Wii U sales continue to slide

-Little Big Planet Vita
-Kerbal Space Program
-Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
-Pikmin 3
-The Walking Dead

INCLUDING - 'They Call Me Sonic' remix by Bentley Jones

Too long a ‪#‎ruddy‬ gap: VGM Awesome is back!


VGM Awesome 85: Amber

VGM Awesome Amber continues the new form with JonoD and Crofty on the desk with Rosalie’s checkpoint back in operation. Lots of music in the show including…

- Age of Empires 2
- Ace Combat 2
- Castle of Illusion
- The Smiler
- Ace Attorney


VGM Awesome 84: Emerald

This rather experimental episode of VGM Awesome Emerald features the likes of JonoD and Crofty presenting the latest news and music from the games industry. The prelude is selected by Barry Wilkinson with Techu: Punish the Evil Merchant. You can choose the next VGM Awesome prelude track at

News topics:
-Animal Crossing
-Region Locking
-XBOXONE’s reversal on DRM
-Demos: Linked to poor game sales?

-Main theme: The Last of Us, Gustavo Santaolalla
-Ashley’s Theme: Game & Wario
-That’s what heroes do: Disney Epic Mickey 2, The Power of two
-Windy Hill: Sonic Lost Worlds
-Eternal Paradise: Tekken Revolution
-Dead Island Riptide: Main theme


VGM Awesome 83: Emerald

VGM Awesome returns in this extended 'spesh', focusing on the recent exploits at the gargantuan conference: e3.

With Microsofts 'interesting' PR & marketing techniques not winning over many of the VG community, Sony steps up and delivers a thrusting blow promising gamers all they've been craving!

MattVV, JonoD, Crofty & Rosalie head the show with news, chat & banter whilst playing some of the great music that we know and love of this dominant industry, including...

> Killer Instinct
> Bayonetta
> Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
> The Witcher 2
> Metal Gear Solid IV

Whilst... Opening the show with our prelude is Alexander Young with music from 'Serious Sam'.

Another deep and somewhat exhausting episode of VGM Awesome: video game radio & podcast.


VGM Awesome 82: Amber

Back just in time for your weekend gaming shenanigans - VGM Awesome returns with its second podcast of the week.

Snapping up our prelude and also the entire playlist is Karl Adamson a.k.a. 'Vacillating Dichotomy' with music from...
- Super Mario Land
- Hysteria
- Hitman: 2: Silent Assassin
- Final Fantasy VII
- Populous: The Beginning

Talking the podcast culture and gaming collectibles whilst Crofty continues his 'Xbox: One' break-down looking at the incoming console and its system specs.

Amber means 'Gen Synth' with this weeks playlist as good as ever!
- Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale
- Wii Sports
- Pac-Mania
- Comix Zone
- Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
- Marvel Vs. Capcom


VGM Awesome 82: Emerald

The team returns minus Rosalie [Gah! We missed you!], with another episode of Emerald: 'AAA', industry & movies.

With the recent reveal of the 'Xbox One', the team discuss its potential and market appeal whilst Boomstick delivers us from movie 'no-no' to 'movie know-how' with 'Star Trek Into Darkness'.

With music from Monster Hunter 3, Top Spin 2 & Luigi's Mansion INCLUDING a stellar and ominous prelude from Barry Wilkinson in the shape of 'Dead Rising 2'.


VGM Awesome 81: Amber

VGMA returns with Amber - our weekend dosage of sub-culture and fan-interaction.

Playing music from indie greats like PlayChoice-10 and Flynn Joffray of the 'PPPPPPowerup' compilation album - whilst also, featuring VGMA's very own, Rosalie Nukem with a cover track from 'Bastion'.

Co-pres JonoD brings us more crystal cool Generation Synthesizer tracks in the form of...40 Winks, King's Quest and The Lion King!

The team discuss gaming card games and indeed board games and how they compare to what we know and love of video games.



VGM Awesome 81: Emerald

After a weeks worth of 'MOT' and 'TLC', Crofty returns in a much less broken state whilst Boomstick is also in talking 'The Great Gatsby'. With a prelude from Richard Long, 'Deus Ex: Human Revolution' - VGMA 81 kicks off strongly in this narratively focused podcast.

The VGMA Team discuss...
> games being ready for launch
> WiiU in trouble again
> do we see too much before we play?!

PLUS - sick music from...
> Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds
> The Terminator
> The Last of Us
> Tron: Legacy
> Warcraft

Another weeks podcasting hits this anticipated week hard!